Are baby crib and high chair available?
Babycribs and high chairs are available at no charge. Other items may be available for some weekly rental fees for each item.
How do I make a reservation?
Please click here: Reservations
In order to make a reservation, you will need to complete the online "Plan your vacation form" available on this website. The form will be received at the Israel Vacation Homes office. Once availability is checked you will receive an email with information about the total rate, availability and with information about how to proceed with the reservation process . If you would like to make a reservation, please click here to fill out the "reservation inquiry form".
What is the apartment layout?
Most of the apartments are duplex apartments with the bedrooms upstairs and 1 or 2 baths. The terrace is accessible from the living room.
Do you have Shabbos blech?
The service Representative in Israel will try to accommodate your needs to observe Shabbat and other Jewish Holidays. Upon arrival to the apartment, please let the Representative know if you need Shabbos blech, Candle sticks etc.
What is the cancellation policy?
If cancellation notice is given 6 weeks in advance (4 weeks off season) no charge will be involved. If cancellation notice is given within 6-2 weeks in advance, cancellation fee will be 50% of the total reservation. Last minute cancellations (less than 2 weeks prior to arrival date) or no shows will be fully charged.
Is cleaning service available for the apartment?
Free Cleaning is provided after a one week stay, on the 8th day (if the 8th day of the stay is Friday or Saturday or other Jewish Holiday, cleaning will be completed before the 8th day and the exact day will be coordinated with our Representative). Additional cleaning services can be arranged upon request for an additional charge of $100 per cleaning.
Is there a telephone line available to use?
No land phone is provided but upon request a pre-paid cellular phone can be arranged and left in the apartment. In order to operate the cellular phone, you will only need to purchase a calling card at any convenient store.
Are VAT taxes included?
We are unable to charge VAT taxes, therefore all our Guests MUST not be Israeli Citizens. Under applicable Israel law, we are unable to rent our apartments to citizens of the State of Israel or any person holding an Israeli passport. To ensure compliance with applicable Israeli law and as a condition for you to stay in our apartments, you will be required to present to our service representative a copy of your non-Israeli passport.
What is the reservation process?
Once you confirm reservation, we will send you a Reservation Proposal form (an agreement that indicates your period of stay, the rate, and other important information about our standards and procedures.) In order to make the reservation, you will need to sign the Reservation Proposal form (fax or email back to us) and send us a 25% down payment within 7 days. The remaining 75% is due 7 weeks prior to your arrival.
What if my reservation is less than 7 weeks before arrival?
If your reservation is 7 weeks before your arrival date, we will need you to sign our Reservation Proposal form (fax or email back to us) and send us the full payment within 7 days.
What do I receive when sending the payment?
Once we receive your 25% deposit, we will send you the Reservation Approval form as a receipt of your most recent payment. When we receive your full payment, we will send you both the Reservation Approval form as a receipt of your most recent payment. We will also send you a Voucher, which you shall bring with you to Israel and present to our Service Representative upon arrival.